Established in 1986, initially as a horticultural company specializing in the production of self-rooted olive trees, the Bellucci and Stefanelli Nursery has expanded its business and now also takes care of the realization and maintenance of green areas, private gardens, public parks, communal areas for apartments, as well as the renovation of small areas, terraces and balconies.

Today our company offers a wide range of services that allow us to guide our clients through each stage of the creation and maintenance of a garden:

  • Design from scratch of small and large areas, paying meticulous attention to customer requirements and with the aim of making best use of the terrain’s potential to ensure the maximum effectiveness in different climatic conditions;
  • Ground shaping to give a harmonious appearance and to regulate surface water runoff as well as any underground drainage;
  • Design of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and, where necessary, the placement of underground or above ground rainwater collection tanks, to enable efficient use of all water resources;
  • Production of furniture and features in various materials: wood (pergolas, gazebos, fences, shelters, carports, etc.), in lightweight masonry (drystone walls, stone steps, paving, cobblestone, etc.), including small artificial ponds with aquatic plants and water features;
  • Bedding out of plants, giving preference to native species in order to ensure easy, quick, harmonious and vigorous development. On customer request, we can set up green areas with rare and unusual plants, making any necessary changes to the landscaping according to the specific needs of the varieties used. We can provide young plants or plants up to a thousand years old;
  • Lawn development either through seeding or laying of turf made with the latest generation of mixtures selected for their regenerative capacity, drought resistance, trampling resistance, and for their rusticity. We put grass on slopes by hydroseeding both on bare land and on land covered with geo-jute;
  • General garden maintenance, from phytosanitary management of plants and grass to pruning up to 20 meters high.